Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Phew, Long Day!!!

Well I'm glad I couldn't sleep last night....cause I had to be up at 5:15 am to get to the pool for swim class! Sigh.

I had a great workout in spite of still being a bit sleepy. We started out with a 400 m warmup. Then we worked on holding our breathe a bit, haha. We did 25 m of 3 stroke bilateral breathing, then 25 m of 5 stroke breathing, 25 m of 3 again, then 25 m of 7 stroke breathing. I had troubles with the 7 stroke group. It was only on the last set I finally could do it, I had to take a breathe every 6th stroke. We did 400 m of these.

Then it was on to kicking....and holding our breath again for 400 m! haha. We were to kick along the surface of the water, just lifting our head out of the water to take a breathe the odd time. That was for the 25 m out, then on the 25 m back we were to dive deep and kick....not taking a breathe if we could. Ya, right! Hellloooo, oxygen is necessary for life?! haha.

The funny thing with this exercise was my bootie did not want to stay submerged!!! Everytime I'd dive down, bwoooop! up my butt would float. It was hilarious! One good thing....if I ever get pushed under in an open water swim, I know that my butt will carry me safely to the surface! What can I say...fat bottom girls we make the rockin world go round!! haha.

The last set was 25 m sprints....trying not to take a breath!! CRAZY! The first four times I took two breathes. Then Jen gave us a couple tips and I was able to take it down to one breath per length. I think we did 6 or 8 of these. The rest of the time it was cool down. I just did a few hundred meters of front stroke, practicing my technique.

That wasn't it for the day though! I still had IronGreg's bike class to go! Yikes, Tuesdays are going to be busy for a loooong time.

I'd been teasing IronGreg about kicking his butt in the pool (I'm sooo cocky now that I've had a few lessons, haha) so he returned the favour by saying he was going to slay me during the class. Thankfully, he was kidding...this time.

We did a good warmup then did one leg spinning and pyramids of 90, 100, and 110 rpm. These felt great - I think I still have a lot of IMC fitness, phew! The one leg spinning got harder as we worked away. I was having troubles keeping the pedal going around and not hanging up at the top, definitely something to work on. These exercises are amazing for technique and I love doing them...even if they start to really hurt, haha.

It was a great workout, but not too intense. I have no illusions though, it's going to get tougher...and to that I have to say...

HOOYAAAAAH!! tee hee.


  1. Sounds like an interesting set of drills in the pool. These ones I could do, unlike some of the other ones you've been inflicted with. I've been meaning to try that one legged pedaling thing. If only I could find an empty section of the bike path, preferably downhill!!

  2. Susi .....ok - tonight I will try the one legged pedalling thingy ....and see what I can do on that! I need so much help on the bike!

  3. thing to remember with one legged pedalling is to not get hung up on the top. the goal is a round circle. focus on 'scraping mud off shoe' on the bottom, and going over the top. if that makes sense? do slowly.