Monday, 22 October 2007

Flip and Gack!!!

Why oh why can't the pool filter manufacture people come up with a filter that actually captures HAIR in the pool?! Seriously....

So I went to the pool this morning to practice some of what I have been learning in swim class. I decided to use one of my workouts from earlier in the year. There was a 400 m warmup with swimming and kicking. The workout was then sets of moderate and fast swimming.

I wasn't sure if the water was murky or if it was my goggles, it sure seemed murky though, and there were fairly large clumps of hair floating about. Urgh, I am dry heaving now just thinking about it. Hack, gag...

Anyways, back to the swim. In between my sets I stopped to say hullo to my friend Cynthia. I hadn't been at the pool in a couple Mondays so we had some catching up to do. I was excited to show her my semi flipturn technique. I'm not sure I can call it a full flipturn as I still don't extend my legs - my achilles tendons practically flinch at the thought of hitting the wall edge!

I should point out that Cynthia is a master of the flipturn! I showed her a couple and she was kind enough to give me some pointers to help me advance them. That said, she was quite impressed with how I was doing for just learning them! (Yes, I'm sitting here grinning ear to ear with pride, haha.) She's so nice! And no I'm not saying that cause she complimented me. LOL.

After chatting I went back to my sets and wanted to put to practice what I'd been shown. I'd done a couple laps and was nearing the wall again....I took a breathe, put my arms out, engaged my core, got into pike position and YES! I did it!! An 'as close to perfect as I will be right now' flipturn!! I was going to celebrate with the absolute perfect swim stroke, but first a breath was needed...I turned my head sideways...ever so slightly just like Jen taught me...kept half my face in the water....opened my mouth to breathe...and....that's when it happened....I could feel a hair was stretched across my mouth and nose. AAAAACKKKKK!!! BRACK, GAG, GASP! Engage hair mantra...Do not throw up in the pool...Remain calm...Do not throw up in the pool...Remain calm...

Why me?? Why always me?? If there is a hair to be found in the whole entire pool it will be I that has it stretched across her mouth and nose! Heavy sigh....ah least I didn't hurl...


  1. oh don't be such a p......kitty!!! LMAO have you seen the strings of mucous yet???? BLECHY yack gag icky ewwy!!!

  2. You'll be happy to know you now have me dry heaving...hack, hack.

  3. yeah made my day!!