Wednesday, 3 October 2007

I Think The Worst Is Over...

So I wasn't quite able to leap out of bed this morning all well again, but at least the pounding sinus/migraine headache seems to have subsided - THANKFULLY! Yesterday I was laying on the couch, with an ice pack on my forehead thinking of Ahnold in 'Kindergarten Cop' saying 'IT'S NOT A TUUUMAH'. Holy hannah my noggin hurt!

Today things seemed to have subsided a bit. In the morning my sinuses were in complete control - sometimes I could breathe through both nostrils, sometimes the left, sometimes the right, and sometimes, well, I was a mouth breather. haha.

Then there was the wee incident that I relayed to my friend, who surprisingly, was horrified! Peronally, I found it highly amusing...I guess this says a lot about my personality, heh heh. What was the incident you ask? Well I'll tell ya....I was sitting at my desking, munching on an apple. I was trying to get some vitamin C in me you see. Well it was one of those times when my sinuses decided that I would not be allowed to breathe through both nostrils. So when I would close my mouth to chew my apple, as any polite, well bred gal would do....a wee snot bubble would form out of one of my nostrils. LOL.

What's so wrong with that?! It's not like I was blowing snot bubbles all over or anything. LOL. Although that would be quite the trick I think!

Anyhoo, I was hoping to hit the gym tonight, but alas I do not have the energy. Just walking up the stairs kind of sucks the life out of me, so I think I'll give myself one more day of rest and then get back at it.

I have a swim class tomorrow morning - should be good for clearing the sinuses when I work on my flipturn. Then maybe I'll be able to eat an apple without any wee snot bubble incidents...bummer.



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  2. oh darn ...dont bother - i will find another way my blog tomorrow sometime - it will be there for you!!!