Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Ugbh...Day Two...

So it's day two and I still feel like shite. I'm sitting here on the coach bundled in my minus 7C sleeping bag trying to hold my head up. Again, I have to resort to stuffing toilet paper in my nostrils to stop the constant drip. VERY attractive!

Whatever I have has moved into my sinuses - the cold fairy beyotch snuck in last night and injected lead behind my eyes and in my cheeks. The pressure is nuts. I'm not sure when she managed to do it cause I didn't get much sleep. Amazing considering the amount of Neo C I injested yesterday!

I'm bummed that I had to miss swimming this morning, but I didn't think it would be a good idea to get into the pool with a lead head, for fear of dropping to the bottom of the pool head first of course. Even the junk in my trunk wouldn't keep me afloat!

I must say though, I think that a salt water flush that I regularly get while doing my flip turns would likely help the situation. I'll have to give the old neti pot a go again today. I tried it yesterday and it did flush some stuff out, but it hurt like a son-of-a-gun! This too is a sight to be seen, unfortunately I can't do the flush and take a picture!

Question: if my nose keeps dripping, then why the heck do I have this insane amount of pressure behind my eyes???? I need to go back to bed now...maybe I'll get a bit of sleep. Ow.


  1. Thanks! There's something about the expression in your eyes that tells us how much you're suffering. Keep in mind that when you feel this bad, it can only get better.

  2. awww...poor you!!! You can almost make that look seem ... "attractive" - hope you feel better soon!!!