Sunday, 30 September 2007

Jog Bras Are Torture...

I was back in the gym again - getting to be a regular gym rat I am! Today was a leg day. My legs felt fine from yesterdays run so I figured all would be well.

It's amazing how fast muscles adapt, I felt much stronger this time in the gym, and bumped the weights up. Just a smidge though. I even added using a medicine ball to my rocker board squats. It's a very good lesson on balance!!

Hopefully my arms will adapt...right now, however, they are rebelling. I am guessing doing three sets yesterday may not have been the wisest decision....but hey, this is how we learn right?! All will be fine as long as I don't move my arms more than one inch from my body or try to get anything off the top shelve. Not that I have many things on the top shelve, after all, I'm a shorty. haha.

Oh and let us not forget trying to take off a sweaty jog bra. The jog bra is a wonderful thing, once you have it on. Try taking one of those contraptions off when sweaty and without use of ones arms though. Not a pretty sight I must say! More like a one woman wrestling match. I was ready to try and hook part of it on a door knob or something to try and get it off, heck, maybe even call 9-1-1, but finally managed to wriggle my way out of it. LOL.

I'm trying not to think about what the second day pain is going to feel like....eep.

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