Sunday, 9 September 2007


So with the new tattoo comes the inability to wear a shoe, although I can still wear my beloved flip flops all the time now! YAY! See, I have to let the tattoo heal and don't want to 'rip' any of the scab off cause that can leave it looking icky. After all my work at IMC I definitely do not want an icky M-dot!

This however, leaves little things to do exercise wise in the sense I can't put on my sneakers or bike shoes. Probably a good thing in that it's forcing me to take it easy...but a bad thing in the sense that I just want to go ride my bike or run! Oh, did I mention swimming is out too? For at least two weeks till the tattoo has healed.

Today though I finally got off my butt and did a workout that would not require fact I just needed a mat and my barefeet! I dusted off my yoga DVD and settled in to do some strength and stretching work.

One thing I realized very quickly - I am SOOOO not flexible right now, haha. Okay, I never really was...but my muscles are tighter than all begeebers right now. So much so that it's hard to get my calves to stop cramping. Urgh! Ouch!

I managed to do an hour of yoga today, even with the lack of flexibility it felt good to be doing something again. I will try and do this every day, at least until I join the gym again. Which I hope to do this week. Being in the gym is another one of my happy places - it's almost meditational for me.

On top of the yoga I went for a nice walk with my friend and 'sister' Esther, aka Chester. She teased me that I had to wear flip flops whenever we walk cause then she could keep up with me, haha. We went out last week before I got the tattoo, so I was wearing sneakers and was oh so close to breaking into a run. (I can't believe how much I miss it!) It's true, we triathletes have difficulty just relaxing and sauntering!

We walked along the river and dog park, one of my favourite places because I love dogs and this way I can stop and pet them all. Yay! What a great afternoon for a walk too, it was so warm and sunny, the last of our summer days I suppose.

Better savour all the sunny days for soon it will be fall and time to go back into the dungeon to do trainer workouts! EEEEK!!

PS Does anyone know how to edit ones photo on the blog??? I went to put another one in, but it didn't work, now the original one is all stretched and wonky! Hmm, just like I was today! LOL.

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