Tuesday, 4 September 2007

One Step At A Time....

As mentioned in 'The Aftermath', the time after Ironman can be a difficult one. A lot of us were so busy with training that we had to put all else aside and now with Ironman done, it's time to deal with all that 'stuff'.

This can be a hard process to go through because this can be a very down time for some. There is a certain sadness that comes along with all the training being done and the big day being over. This leaves a lot of time to think about 'things'. I'm sure the same thing happens after weddings and final exams etc.

I myself have been a little melancholy since leaving Penticton. I knew there were some things I'd have to face when I got back as well, which I was apprehensive about. I recieved some really great advice today - actually it was more of a reminder. Something to help me through a rough time and I share it in hopes that maybe it will help others....

"Everything --- everything --- we learn in training must be applied to life because, as cliche as it may sound, life is the real endurance event ... and, in the end, the only one that counts. If we do not apply the lessons we learn in training to our lives, those lessons lose their meaning."

For me, this means savouring the journey of life for all it delivers. It also reminds me to learn from all my experiences, and to be at peace with it all. Everything will work out in the end, one just has to remember to have patience with the process.

How did I get through Ironman when it was getting tough? No matter what, I kept moving forward, one step at a time...and that's what I need to do now.

Hugs to all.

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  1. Thinking of you ....one foot in front of the other ..... ;)Jenna