Friday, 7 September 2007

Holy Hannah!!!!!

I'm a nutbar. It's confirmed....

Just before I went to Ironman Canada I submitted my application for a 'Community Fund' spot at the 2008 Ironman Coeur D'Alene. Why?? Because I really loved the long distance training that had just finished and because I know 13 others from my town that are going.

When I first saw there were spots left I started to think a lot about signing up....I watched as the spots as they slowly dwindled down....81...68....53....31. When it hit 31 spots I thought, what the hell, lets do it! Afterall, what good reasons did I have for not signing up??

Actually it was my coach that asked me that question. 'What reasons do you have for NOT signing up Suse?'. Huh, know, I really can't think of any. (Remember, this response was from someone who had yet to actually participate in an Ironman and was still on a training high!!)

At the last moment I filled out the forms and rushed to the bank to get the money orders, gulp, that's a LOT of money! I then rushed to the UPS on Friday morning and sent off everything. I was told that they likely wouldn't get the package until Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning because apparantly there are no couriers that work on weekends!

I spent the entire weekend sweating it out.....checking the far the number had not moved from 31 spots left. It was silly really, I needed to be worrying about what I needed to pack for IMC!

On Monday morning I checked the websites, it said 'Coeur d'Alene CLOSED'. Bummer, I didn't receive the email stating I'd gotten in. I was too late sending the forms and moola in.

After IMC I figured it was the universe giving me a break. I obviously needed more training. Not to worry, I'd sign up with Les and David next year and go in 2009. All was definitely most well.

By the time I'd gotten back from Penticton, I thought I would have gotten the money orders back but there was nothing there. So I decided to call NA Sports to see what the procedure was. Did I mention it was a lot of money??? Did I mention I'm dutch/scottish and we don't like don't like 'throwing away' money??? LOL.

I called all week to no avail. No answer and the answering machine was full. Well yesteray I finally got through. Here's how the conversation went, 'Hello, this is Melody speaking' a kindly Southern voice said on the other end of the line. "Hi there, my name is Susi, I applied for a IMCDA community spot, but I didn't get in. I was wondering what the procedure is for sending the money orders back?" 'How do you spell your name again' So I spelt it all out. 'Oh, we accepted your application Susi, we sent an email confirming it on August 20th'. "I'm sorry, what did you just say??" 'You are in, we just need you to fill out the online application form.'. The conversation after that is a bit of a fog.

Once I hung up the phone though I stated very loudly 'Holy crap, I got into Ironman Coeur D'Alene!!!!' I believe I repeated this over and over again whilst bouncing up and down in my chair.....My office mate was killing himself laughing at me.

Yes, I had thought taking next year off of Ironman's was the way to go, but I admit it, I'm totally stoked about the fact I'm going to do another one. Totally stoked in a stunned, holy shite, kind of way. I made sure my Mum was sitting down when I called her with the news. Of course she didn't even miss a beat and said 'Okay, whats the date and where do we need to be?' Explained to Dad that there were others from town going so it was ok. Leslie laughed with joy when I told her. My coach screamed with glee when I gave her the news. And IronGreg patted me on the shoulder and congratulated me all the while having a huge grin on his face!

I think the funniest thing though was getting an email from David this morning. It said, 'Susi, I just happened to check the IMCDA participant sign up list tonight....I think the reason you didn't get your money back is because YOU ARE ON THE LIST!!!' Hilarious! I had to send a note back saying, uh, ya, I was going to call you guys about that.

And so the journey continues..... Ironman Coeur D'Alene, here I come!!!

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  1. Hey You NUTBAR!!!

    Hilarious and here you go again - this will be really fun to follow your training while I do mine this time ....I'm so proud of you and I love reading the support you have from your family - because we all know that ripple effect works wonders to run my half marathon in Regina. I'll email when I get back!!