Saturday, 15 September 2007

I'm A Runner Again!!!

I did it!!! I went out for a run. Ohhhh, to be running again....Oh Joy, Oh Rapture, Unforseen!!!

Of course I had grand plans for how long and how far I was going to run....however, reality would soon change those plans.

It started out great...had the tunes going, it was 23 C out, and my feet and legs felt as light as clouds. The first few minutes I was running along thinking - what is all the fuss about not running after doing an Ironman?! I feel great! Then the little voice in the back of my head said 'Uhm, Suse, you are running downhill dude....of course it feels great!' haha. No worries, I'm sure I'll be fine on the flats.

I ran one of my usual routes, along the town pathways. It was awesome being out again. I had worried about my IT band and plantar fascia....totally forgot about the shin pain I had last massage! Everything seemed to be working just fine. Phew!

I even managed to find a new little path! I was running along and noticed a well worn 'unofficial' path that seemed to lead down to the river. I was in an adventureous kind of mood so veered off course and took it. It turned out to be quite the little gem of a path...short, but very scenic as it ran right beside the river. It ended near a little rocky beach section. Mental note, this would be a great spot to sit and read!

As I was running along I kept checking my heart rate. I noticed that it wasn't as low as it should be. In fact, running up even the most minor of inclines seemed to make it jump quite a bit, and it took a long time to come down. At the half hour mark, I was watching it very was about 30 bpm higher than what it should be for my pace and for running on the flats....and it isn't going down. Rats!

The little voice in my head started bugging me again....I knew this was an indication that I was not totally recovered from my IM. I guess I had hoped that the amount of time I had spent in the last few weeks doing not much of anything would miraculously 'heal' me. Apparantly not. haha.

I decided that even though my legs felt good, my heart rate was telling me something and I'd better turn around. I've never had to recover from an IM so I have no idea what to expect. That said, I need to use some common sense. My body and I have a deal you see...I promise to listen to it and in exchange it promises not to spring any acute pain or injury on me! A pretty fair deal I'd say. haha.

So turn around I did. I started making my way along the path again, took my new found little path along the river, desperately tried to remove all the little spider webs, that I have a habit of running through, off of me....EEEK! Spit out a few aphids, gack! Shouldn't they be gone by now?! And sang a little to the tunes I was listening to. All was well....and then I hit the 45 minute mark.....

UGH! Hey! I've been robbed!!! Someone stole my legs and replaced them with cinder blocks!! What the heck?!

Holy hannah! Okay, I'll admit it...I'm not recovered. My heart rate was skyrocketing and my legs were now like lead. Perhaps I should have been doing 10 and 1's before...but nooooo, I had to be IM Susi and just run!! I'm an eejit! haha.

I was pretty close to home, but I still had 'The Hill' to climb. The voice in my head started piping up again....we started chatting and formulated a plan to get home. I WAS going to run up that hill. Why? Cause I'm damn stubborn. First though, I was going to let my heart rate come down a bit and give myself a wee break by walking over the bridge before hitting the hill.

Up the hill I went....very slowly...heart rate was about at about my 'I'm racing a 10km pace'...and climbing. Breathing was a bit laboured...but I was doing it! I was going between two foot in front of the other, and Jack be nimble, Jack be quick. Slowly but surely I was doing it....

When I got to the top of the hill I was at the 1 hour mark of my run. Yup, that was good enough. I could walk the last little bit to home and let my heart rate come down to normal....I hope!

Today was a great lesson...Even though I can run....I can only run for a short while. It's going to take a bit of time to get back in the swing of things. I'm ok with that though, as long as I can run a little bit!! I've really missed it.

Tomorrow's get back in the saddle again! I can't wait!!!

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