Sunday, 2 September 2007

Say Cheeeese!

Okay, I have some photos uploaded for ya. If you look at the left menu bar on my home page you'll see a link 'My Photos'. Click on that and you'll be able to see some of the photos from IMC. I'm still figuring this program out so they may be scattered, haha.

I do have my 'official' photos from the race, but just as hard copies. I'm going to scan them then upload them as well.

OOOOH! I should add too that I'm now 'famous'. It would seem that I somehow got into the Official Ironman Canada 2007 DVD! Go figure.

I knew that a Team Tri Life gal was on the DVD turning the corner on their bike, but didn't know who. When I watched it in Grand Forks I thought maybe it was Tigger. I watched it again at Les and Robs and Leslie says 'Susi, that's you!'. I didn't believe her, but we rewound it and watched it in slo-mo and sure enough it's yours truly. Waaaaay too funny!!!

It must have been my perfect form that prompted them to add me....NOT! LOL.


  1. Love the pictures!!!
    How is the asthma now? I wondered if it bugged you on race day at all?

  2. Other things hurt more than lungs on race day so didn't notice! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    I did ok with just one puffer. Took it before bike and run.

  3. lmao - yeah i guess i never thought of that!! How was the wine and cheese?