Saturday, 1 September 2007

Ho, Hum.....

Okay, all this rest is getting boring, haha. I'm sooo used to doing something everyday that I'm getting bored. However, the fact that I keep wanting to nap, even though I'm bored tells me that likely I still need to recover a bit more. Well, there's that and there is how I felt during my massage today. One word.... F************!!!!! (That's a long, drawn out f-bomb in case ya don't know.)

My back was super sore in so many areas. I figured my lower back would hurt some because it siezed up on me by Tuesday after the race. Driving in a car for hours definitely didn't help either, haha. I thought my legs were doing ok though. I was even thinking of going out for a short run, on the other hand, I'm thinking I'll give it some more time. Why?? Cause when my massage therapist worked on my shins I damn near hit the ceiling! Searing pain, that's what I felt. I was like 'what the heck is that???' OW!!! Can I have a leather strip to bite down on please???

Apparantly my shins have taken a bit of a beating. I felt fine walking, but I can barely touch them without much pain. My RMT suggested that I not subject them to any impact for the next while lest I suffer from the dreaded shin splints in future. Actually, I think she said I had shin splints. Perhaps I felt them on the run at IMC - who knows, everything hurt then! LOL. My left IT band was a bit tender too. This would be the one that protested when I tried to run across the street as the light was changing the other day, haha. Just the bod saying 'hullo...uhm, can you take it a bit more easy please??'

So no running for a while...good thing I went out today and got some new tubes for my mountain bike!! Snoopy happy dance time!! I hear the mountains calling - time to get out there on the bike before the snow flies! I'm sure I'll have some interesting stories to tell from those rides. It's been a while since I've been on a bike that isn't a road or tri bike!


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