Monday, 24 September 2007

Say NO To Breaststroke!!!

So I went to the pool for an easy swim before work this morning. It was the first time I'd been back at 'my' pool since before IMC. It was great to be back as my friend Cynthia R was there.

We had a great chat about IMC and how it all went. She'd been following me on the computer during the race and said I was really good at holding my pace, haha. Oh I should mention she happens to be a former Eco-challenge competitor! I keep trying to convince her to get into triathlon - she'd be amazing!! My wish is that one day I might actually keep up to her in the pool....

So I didn't really have a plan for my swim, just figured I'd do some laps and try the dread flipturn. Sigh. I decided I'd only do the turn at the far end of the pool so those people hanging out at the 'start' end wouldn't see my floundering, haha.

The pool was pretty busy so I tried to pace myself so I wouldn't be too close to someone and wouldn't have anyone behind me. I'd really hate to have another kicking incident. Tee hee. Problem today though was I was a bit faster swimmer than the other two gals in my lane. A very unusual thing!

Let me just say first that I don't mind if people are a bit slower, heck, I'm a bit slower than others too! Today, however, I took offense to one of the swimmers in my lane. Why?? Simply put - NO BREASTSTROKE IN THE FAST LANE UNLESS YOU ARE AN OLYMPIC SWIMMER OR REALLY REALLY FRIGGIN FAST!!!! At the very least, if you are taking your sweet time doing this...when you notice a swimmer practically on top of you by the time you get to the end of the pool - STOP and let them go by!!!! You are allowed not to notice ONCE, but please don't continue every time!

URGH! It was rather frustrating, as you can likely tell by my writing 'tone'. haha. I may just have to say something about pool etiquette if she is there the next time. Either that or grab her by the foot and drag her backwards so she gets a brain enema. Heh heh....

But enough of that....back to the flipturns. Well, there were more awkward ones than good ones. To be expected really. In fact, in the 45 minutes I swam, I think I managed about 4 that seemed to work! haha. There were several where I sort of ended up at the bottom of the pool somewhat disoriented, then would have to surface quickly as I was in desperate need of air. As well, there were many where I flipped to early and my feet weren't anywhere near the wall. Ah well, at least I got a few to work. I have my swim technique class tomorrow morning so I'll get to do some more there. Woohooooo!

I should mention that once again I left the pool with very clear sinuses due to the mass quanity of water I flushed through! Who needs a neti pot when you are practicing flip turns??? LOL.

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  1. I might just be a complete BITCh, but I would have hit her feet with my hands a few times and if she didn't stop and move the hell out of my way - I would have mowed her right over .... I did an indoor tri once and the people WOULDN"T let me pas when I gently indicated I was there - I learned pool etti with speed swimming and it isn't that hard of a concept to learn. I'll respect their speed if they respect mine. Next time, mention something cause other wise you be frustrated - and sharpen your nails~~