Monday, 10 September 2007

Future Triathlete???

What a gorgeous day it was today! I hope we get a few more of these days when I can finally put a shoe back on so I can get out for a bike ride. Would be so much fun to ride to Bragg and back. And seeing as I'm not in official training it would be ok to actually stop there for a tea or a smoothie before heading home!!

I did get outside for a while today. My great bud Danielle stopped by with her wee one, Jack. I like to tease that they named him after my favourite tipsy bevvie, Jack Daniels. haha. He is absolutely adorable, as his picture shows.

I've made it very clear to his parental unit that I will be grooming him as a future triathlete. I made sure I got him an "Ironman Canada 25th Anniversary" t-shirt and my hope is that his first Ironman will be the 50th Anniversary. Of course I will be there with him to complete it!

He starts his "swim" lessons soon too, yay! Well, okay it's really a bob in and out of water lesson with mum, but it's a start!! As soon as I'm able I'll be buying him his first bike too. I can't wait!! Granted he's only four months so I will have to wait a bit....but I'm ready when he is!
Today though we took a stroll along the river. It was just awesome outside. So warm and sunny. I carried Jack for a while so got quite the upper body workout. He's not huge by any stretch, but damn he can get heavy after a while! LOL.
Tonight I'll do a bit of a core workout. When training got heavy during the season I kind of slacked on that. I'm paying for it now as just holding Jack for that short period has my back in knots, haha. I'm such a wimp!!
Just another reminder I need to get into the gym - PRONTO!

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  1. Well how about that...Jack man is "famous" now!!! Teehee!

    Jack can't wait till Auntie Susi takes him jogging and swimming and cycling...his daddy and I are hoping he's not athletically challenged like we are ;)

    Big hugs!!!