Thursday, 27 September 2007

I Must Appease The Swim Gods!!!

Apparantly I have ticked of the breaststroke swim Gods with my comments the other day....cause I'm now being tortured with this damn stroke! haha

Today Jen wanted us to practice the kick that goes along with the breaststroke....first with the flutter board. I'm pretty sure my 92 year old granny could have swum faster than I was going! In fact I think I was going backwards. The next exercise was even better....

Picture this if you will....we had to clasp our hands behind our back...then try and kick our hands with our heels then perform the rest of the kick....WHILE IN THE WATER!!! I just don't think so! First off, I am a quadzilla - even on dry land there is noooo way i can get my heels to my hands that are clasped in the small of my back. Oh, and let us not forget, this baby got back! So there's a slight impedment with getting heels there.... Secondly, we were to breath while doing this by arching our back and lifting our head out of the water! Two words...utter chaos!

Jen was going to get us to add in the arms for this exercise...but we were so dismal to this point she figured we'd learned enough of that for the day....HALLELUJAH! Unfortunately though, this means this exercise will be carried forward to another day. Oh joy, oh rapture, unforseen....sigh.

The rest of the swim was all frontstroke - yay!!! We did 300 m while doing a bit of a breathing exercise. The first 25 m was breathing every third stroke, which is how I normally swim. Next 25 was breathing every 5 strokes...not that bad actually. Next 25 m was back to every three strokes...then we got a bit harder and were to breathe every seven strokes! Needless to say by the time I got to take a breath on the seventh stroke I was gasping for air, haha.

I think I did so well at not taking a breath because I've been having to hold my breath for so long during the dang flipturns, haha.

Last exercise of the swim was to swim on the 1:15's. I focused on my stroke and the flipturn. I realized for a good number of the turns I'm doing more of a roll than a flip, haha. Ah well, it will give me something to keep working on!!!

PS....Legs felt good this morning - I didn't fall out of bed...however by this afternoon I could feel the quads and arse a bit. haha. I could probably up the weights a wee bit, but not by too much.


  1. I think I'm really, really happy I didn't sign up for the swim class like you wanted me to. That holding flutterboard and doing breast stroke kick? I'm sure I'd be even slower. And the hands behind back exercise sounds like a recipie for drowning, or back muscle spasms, and offered that choice I'd have to think about it.

  2. Oh Susi crack me up! You have a way of describing your experiences that has me blowing my morning coffee out my nostrils at my desk. It looks REALLY professional!!!