Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Well That Didn't Hurt....

Tonight was my first workout in the gym...I decided it should be a leg night as I have to swim in the morning and figured I'd need the use of my arms, haha.

It's been a long time since I'd done a weight workout, but it was good to be there. My background is in weight training so I always feel at home in the gym. Hopefully it won't take me to long to get back into the swing of things!!

The program for tonight was squats, deadlifts, lateral step-ups, and a super set of ball hamstring curls/wobble board squats. I did 3 sets of 15 repetitions. I had thought of doing just one set, but felt pretty good so did all three. (Hmmm...there is a good chance I'm going to pay for this way of thinking, haha.) I only added a small amount of weight for the squats, but just used the bar only for the deadlifts.

The squats were easy. I could feel my low back a bit for the deadlifts, but it wasn't too bad. The lateral step-ups; however, were a different story....I definitley felt the burn, haha. Wonder if they have a shorter stool to step up to - likely not! The whole time I worked out I made sure my core was 'engaged'. I gotta say, it makes a difference when it's not!

I love using wobble boards so doing squats on them are a blast. For this exercise you really have to engage your core so you can stay balanced - it's a great workout.

To finish off my workout I did 3 sets of v-sits with a medicine ball twist. I went from 10 on each side to 8 on each side....I really have to work on these!

I kind of feel like I didn't work out hard enough tonight as I was able to walk down the stairs from the gym. Tomorrow will be the big test....if I try to get out of bed and fall flat on my face, then I worked hard enough. If I can walk ok...then I will take it up a notch the next time...mua ha haaaaaaa.

Just call me mini-Ahnold, haha.


  1. Hey Arnold!! Nice pipes! LMAO - did you actually get up at 5:15 to swim??

  2. Yup - I do every morning I swim, haha. I get to the pool for 6am when I'm on my own and for my classes I get there for 6:15am. Yes, I'm crazy. Good thing I'm a morning person! LOL.