Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Okay, Let's Try to Run Again....

Okay, so I decided I'd better get, at the very least, one more run in before Melissa's Road Race this weekend! Last Saturdays run was quite painful, well the last bit anyways. I might add that that pain continued to linger for a few days. You'd think I'd never run before!!

I had planned to run right after work; however I didn't get much sleep the night before. For some unknown reason I woke up at 2:30am and if I did manage to fall back asleep, it sure didn't feel like it when my alarm went off at 5:15. Urgh! I am impressed I didn't manage to fall asleep at work. My body sure wanted to while I was driving home though - quite unnerving I must say. So when I got home I hit the couch and crashed for an hour!

When I finally managed to wake up I had some grub and studied for a while. At about 8pm I thought, why not go for a run now?!

I must say, I had difficulty picking what to wear. Noooo, not because I had to be some fashion statement out there...I mean, that's a given! haha. I had troubles because it's been a while since I had run in 'cold' weather and the wind was gusting big time. I decided to forgo a fleece mid layer and was glad I did when I got out there. (I might add that I was wearing a stunning tights, grey reflective jacket, lime green fleece touque and bright red gloves....oh yeah, I know how to stun 'em! )

The wind was sooo blowy it was pushing me sideways as I made my way down the hill. It wasn't as cold out as I expected though, which was nice. I stuck to the trails for the most part just enjoying being in the trees. It was absolutely stunning out there with the sun going down and all the leaves a beautiful golden yellow. Sigh... I'm thankful to live in a province with seasons. Well, ok, lets be real here, the fall season is about two weeks and then we hit the deep freeze. But still, I really cherish those two weeks where the leaves are ruby read, golden yellow, and burnt orange. There is nothing better!

I felt much better on this run than on Saturdays run. I even threw in a couple fartlek (damn I love that name, haha) intervals. My heart rate was still a bit high, but that could be because I haven't been running. Go figure! I managed to do about 45 minutes, and, of course, ran up the hill to my house.

I'm not sure what my plan is for Melissa's. It's a 10k race (there is a 22km race too, which I usually run, but after doing IMC I didn't think it would be a good idea to try that....). I'd like to give it a good go, but I'm not sure if my legs can handle it. I'll likely just figure it out as I go along. If I feel good, or if I'm just in the mood to challenge myself, I'll push it. Otherwise, I will make sure I wear my IMC finishers cap and be like 'uh, ya, I just finished IMC so I'm going to take it easy this time.....' LOL.

Did I mention there is a really big hill at the start of this thing?? Good thing I live and train in hill country!! Not sure my calves will agree the day of the race though.

Oh well....all I have to say is... Bring It On! haha.

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  1. It sounds like you were as dazzling in your outfit as the fall leaves!!! wear you IMC cap and get do what you can ...I still have leg pain after my pitiful half marathon 2 weeks ago and I have this Vo2Max test that I need to do on the treadmill ....Hope I can do it:) Let me know how race day goes :)