Thursday, 12 July 2007

Better Luck Next Time?!

Well tonight was a hill night. I was supposed to bike up the hill, do a one minute easy ride, then five minutes hard ride. I had to do this four times and I was going to switch between Glen Eagles hill and Cochrane hill. At least that was what the plan was....

What happened was I only got through two hills - I did one hill each. Unfortunately, I battled GI issues for most of today and didn't get enough food in. This meant I didn't have much energy for hill climbs, in addition from having fatigue from the last couple of days. I absolutely just died. It was pitiful.

At first I was really frustrated, and was debating pushing it. With IMC so close I don't want to miss any workouts. But I know I have a long ride (160 km) on Saturday and figured if I push it tonight I might mess up that ride. So I finally decided to head back.

It's times like these that I try to find to find the positives, and as always, there were some! First off, I climbed Cochrane hill and I'd never done that before. Very cool, even if I was a slug. Secondly I rode down Retreat Rd. and I'd never done that before. There were some really pretty flowers along the road that turned out to be Black-eyed Susans. Also, I managed to get two hours of a work out in (yes, that's how slow I was!).

And last, but not least, my friends Esther and David invited me over for dinner and I had an amazing meal with amazing company. (Admittedly I was almost asleep by the time dinner came cause I was so beat, haha, but after I felt soooo much better!) It was a really yummy meal with all fresh veggies and wild salmon. It was the first thing I ate all day that didn't make my stomach go all wonky for which I'm extremely thankful for!!

Always look for the silver's there!!

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