Sunday, 15 July 2007

Swimming and Wading Through Mud...

Today was definately less strenuous than yesterday. It started out with a swim in a very empty pool. That's one good thing about getting to the pool early. My workout was 6 x 400 m lengths. It felt really good being in the pool - relaxing in fact. What a difference a year makes. Swimming used to be my weakest event and I felt awkward in the pool. Now it's my safe place. I feel like I know what I'm doing, even if it's not perfect!

After the swim I met up with my friend Ted who was in town, from Texas, visiting for Stampede. I should of asked if he didn't see enough cowboy stuff where he lives that he had to come here?! As he's into adventure racing I thought it would be fun to go do some trail running. So we headed out to West Bragg Creek.

It was a beautiful day out and I'd been wanting to hit the trails for a run as I love trail running. I only had to do a short run today, thankfully. My quads were pretty sore from yesterday so I took it easy and just walked up the steeper climbs. We hit one area that was, well, it was a bog. I stepped in at one point and the mud was up to my mid calve! It was awesome. Mucky, but awesome. Most of the trails were in good shape so there was time for the water and mud to gush out of my shoe. haha. Hopefully I can get out there again for a run...perhaps I'll stay away from the mud bogs though! :)

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  1. From your title, I thought you were 'swimming' through the mud, too! Now that would've been a good triathlon story, ha!!!

    Tripal Leslie :)