Sunday, 29 July 2007

I Admit It...I'm Pooped!!!

Yup, I'm tired. It's been a hard training month and yesterday was a hard training day. I'm still loving the challenge of it all, but am really starting to feel the fatigue. I am sooo looking forward to having tomorrow as a rest day!

My day today started with a 1.5 hour run. I started out from the pool because I was doing a swim afterwards. I decided to do an easy loop through the pathways, which is always nice. My legs felt heavy, but I had a fairly decent pace. It was super hot out again so towards the end of the run I was fantasizing about going for swim! By the time I got to the pool I was also frothing at the mouth dying for some water!!

I couldn't wait to get into the pool, but as I walked out on deck my excitement started to fade a bit. It was packed! I got into a lane that only had four others in it. Tigger and Les were in my lane which was great. I definately needed them....why? Because after a few laps I was ready to show a fellow swimmer 5 foot 2 of fury, haha. He was, as Les termed it, a big swimmer. Meaning he seemed to take up his lane and part of ours with his flailing arms. He was doing this funky backstroke and the one time he went by me he hit my back, which darn near sank me! A little while later, still doing the backstroke he somehow manged to hit me in the stomach. That one definately hurt.

I was a little peeved for a moment so said to the girls 'Okay, tell me something funny so I can laugh this off, cause right now I'm too tired to figure it out myself.' They did a great job nonetheless. We were plotting ways of getting the poor guy back - grabbing his feet and pulling him backwards, or giving him a wedgie, Muahahahaaaaa. Yes, we are evil. Leslie was also correcting herself from the day see she had been describing the "6 inch" nail that went through her tires, but the distance between her fingers was more like 3 inches. Needless to say Tigger and I couldn't let that one go - we teased her that most men would be very happy she thought that was 6 inches. BAHAHAHAHAHA. That one had us in hysterics for quite a while. After that I was able to get back into the swim - still giggling of course.

After 2000 m I noticed another lane opened so I moved over there - just to get away from the wayward swimmer. I got about 500 m done when I noticed that he'd moved over and was in the lane beside me! EEEEEK! Not only that but now he had paddles on...yikes, this could get dangerous. At least he wasn't doing the breast stroke! Thankfully I was the only one in my lane so I just hugged the wall and avoided anymore 'attacks'. I'm not sure how the other guy in his lane managed to come out unscathed though!

The final result of my swim was 4000 m completed and no bleeding or broken bones. YAY!!

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