Monday, 23 July 2007

Is My Head Shrinking???

Tonight before swimming I ran into Leslie. We were like two little boys comparing our 'war' wounds from the weekend, haha. Hers from falling on the bike on Sunday and mine from the race. I must say we are quite the pair with our scrapes and bruises! (Mine are better of course, haha.)

As for tonights swim, if you ever want to practice combat swimming in order to get ready for a open water triathlon - then go to the Cochrane pool lane swim at night! Holy schnikeys, there were a ton of people there! I got hit a couple times but I also managed to hit the lane marker and the wall. Something tells me it isn't only in the lake that I swim zigzag!

On tonights schedule was 8 x 400 m. I had extra incentive to swim hard and watch my coach was in the lane beside me. Eep! While swimming I was having issues with my swim cap. It's not the first time. I've noticed lately that I'm having issues keeping my swim cap on. I've narrowed down the reason for this to two theories.... either I'm swimming at light speed and my cap can't handle the force so is slipping off....or my pea sized head is shrinking. I vote for the latter! haha.

Other than the cap malfunction everything was going well - until the hair incident....

I was in my fifth set and I thought I could feel a hair across my lip when I was breathing out in the water. Now something you may not know about me, is that hair grosses me out. Unless its attached to someones head that is. But floating around in a pool, GACK! Its bad enough when it gets caught between my fingers....but near my mouth??? ICK!! It took everything in me not to dry heave in the pool. I would stop briefly at the end of a lap and try and find it but for the life of me I couldn't! It was driving me insane!! I was trying so hard to swim properly, but I HAD to deal with 'the hair'. I managed to finish the set without freaking out too much...I took off my goggles and that's when I saw it. A big long black hair caught in my goggles. It was not mine, and it had been near my mouth! A scream, the likes of which Alfred Hitchcock himself had never heard, was bubbling up inside of me. I had to contain it though, I was in a public pool. Instead, I whimpered and with a trembling hand, I removed the offensive hair and set it on the pool deck. ACK, GAG, HEAVE!!! There is something to be said with swimming in a lake and just having to deal with weeds and lake monsters! I still have the heeby geeby's just describing the incident.

On the upside I had a great swim and finished the 3200 m. I have no idea how long it took me though because I was so excited to get into the pool (the water was nice and cool) that I forgot to check the clock when I started! Oh well....there will be plenty more swims!

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