Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Oh Ya, She Is HOT Out There....

Wow what an awesome day for a run! It's super sunny out and my training/best buddy, Leslie, was back from her holiday - yay!!

We got going around 3pm, peak time for heat! The first bit of the run was good, but it felt like forever since I last ran. My heart rate was really low, but I felt I was going at a good pace. Hmm, maybe it was the heat? We ran from Les' down to the rec centre and along the river. There were a ton of dogs out on the dog run....took everything in me not to stop and pet all of them, haha.

The first bit of the run we just chatted...okay so I did most of the gabbing, but I hadn't seen Les in a week so had a ton to tell her! Of course I let her get in a bit about her holidays too. Before we got to the halfway point we had to stop at the river for a quick splash of cold water, it was just too darned hot out!

At about the 2 hour mark she says to me....'You know....' and there is this long pause. So I'm thinking what's going on??? Then she continues, 'I re-read the CDifferent site and I misunderstood what they said about IM Coeur D'Alene'. (I'm starting get nervous now....) 'It wouldn't be doing the race with a blind athlete, but raising funds for the organization'. She then hurridly starts adding what you get for raising said funds: a wetsuit, money off a Kuota bike, accommodation, entry into the race, etc. At this point I say, in somewhat of a high pitched voice, 'You are forgeting one wee point....WE'D HAVE TO DO THE IRONMAN!!!!'. We both broke out in laughter at this point. I think the people driving by thought we had heat stroke cause we were laughing so hard we were doubled over, and still trying to run. Nice, wait till we've run for 2 hours and I'm tired and hot then hit me with something like this!

Here, we haven't finished ONE IM yet, and we are actually considering doing another! Oh my... I have to admit thought, it got my wee brain processing. Well it IS for a good cause...and the training to this point has been reasonable...and it's only this month that it's kind of nuts....and IMCDA is early in the year... Hmmm...definately something to think about....

After that, the rest of the run was mostly thinking about CDifferent and trying to finish the evenings run. We were both feeling the heat, and my feet were starting to hurt. My thoughts quickly switched to IMC and the marathon. It would be this hot out, if not hotter, when I will be on the marathon portion. It will definately not be easy...good thing it will be hot out for the next while, hopefully it will help prepare me for the big day. Back to focussing on IMC!!!

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