Tuesday, 31 July 2007


So all day as I worked the Weather Network icon on my computer flashed a severe thunderstorm warning. Hmmm....I have to bike tonight. As the Clash would say 'should I stay or should I go now??'

Go out? Stay in? Go out? Stay in? What to do, what to do. I could shuffle my schedule, but in all honesty I was too lazy to try and reorganize my week. Heavy sigh. I had to do 60 km and I really didn't want to get caught out there if it started hailing. I've done that before and it hurt like a son-of-a-gun. Another sigh.

I worked from home today specifically so I could be done early and get out for a ride. By the time I was done, it didn't look horrible out, but it wasn't great. So I decided to just stay in and get on the trainer. Ugh.

I haven't been on my trainer in a couple of months - since we have had all this great weather. I'm not sure what's more mentally taxing....being on a bike for 7 hours or being locked in a trainer in your basement for 2 hours. I think I'll pick the latter.

Thankfully I have a small t.v. in my basement so was able to watch that as a distraction. I might add, there is NOTHING on tv in the late afternoon. Just pure drivel really. Too bad the Tour wasn't still on; I could pretend I was in it and trying to keep up. Mind you that would last for mere minutes before a) I would have a heart attack 2) my lungs explode or c) my bike comes off the trainer and I smash into the wall. At least that would add some excitement to my workout though!!

My goal was to keep my cadence around 90 rpm and complete 60 km. The last 20 km were the hardest, I was getting bored. Even the CSI: Miami rerun wasn't keeping my attention. I had tell myself just to hang in there and keep going.

Oh there was one really exciting moment...at about the 50 km mark of my ride the sun came through the window! NUTS! I should have just 'sucked it up Princess' and gone outside. Oh well, too late now.

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to try and get things done early.

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  1. Hello - Back from an RV trip with my kids and just catching up on your blog - sounds like you have been a very busy girl. I am so excited for you ;) and for Tigger finishing her ride!! (You always make me say "awwww" and get weepy!!" See my post about your breathing - sounds like exercize induced asthma - maybe get that checked!! Take care - you sound strong and ready to kick it hard!!