Thursday, 19 July 2007

Way To Go Cam!!!!

So today I had someone new run with friend and coworker Cam. I'm very proud of him because last week he quit smoking - YAY!!! This is part of his "getting healthy before I'm 30 plan", which also involved the decision to give running a go.....kind of. I'm not sure if he's ever going to go again, but at least he tried it.

I had mentioned I was going running today so Cam thought it would be fun to join me. I kind of forgot to mention I was going out for 1.5 hours. Whoops! All was good though as I figured he could run for as long as he was comfortable, then I'd keep going on my run. We did 10 and 1's to get him started. I have to say, Cam did amazing and made it to the 45 minute mark. Totally awesome! Hopefully I was able to show him how enjoyable running can be and maybe he'll keep it up. Perhaps we have a budding runner or maybe even triathlete in our midsts.....

I love triathlon as it's given me so much, so it stands to reason that I talk enthusiastically about the sport. I hope that my enthusiasm will rub off on others and maybe they'll give it a 'tri' too! Taking up running is just the first step - muahahahaaaaa.

Tomorrow is a rest day and I will be heading up to Sylvan. It should be a great weekend and I'm looking forward to it. My plan is to race at my Ironman pace and practice my nutrition plan. Fingers crossed, everything will work out!!

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  1. Awww - thanks for your kind comments. I'm so glad I found your blog - being able to watch someone else go through the process before i do is priceless. I also must say - INSPIRING ;) Have a great weekend!!!