Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Phew, What A Long Day....

This one will be a short one I promise...after all it's been a looooong day...

It started out with a swim before work. I did 2500 m in total with the main set being 15 x 100 m sprints. I was pleased with my effort and managed to stay focused....partly because I was focusing on the necessity of oxygen. haha. Okay, I'm being melodramatic - so unlike me! NOT. Anyways, I really wanted to push myself so stayed focused on my technique during the sprints. The last few were hard, and I was definitely slower than the first, but I'm happy I kept going strong.

Of course then my training was interrupted by work....sigh....I guess I do have to work in order to pay for all this fun!

The evening was spent on a 56 km bike ride. I did the Horse Creek loop from my place. I was a little disappointed with my average speed (24 km/h) and my average cadence (84 rpm), but I still enjoyed the ride. It took me 2:18 hrs. One great thing - it was perfect bike riding weather outside! It was sunny, but not too hot and there was barely any headwind, which was a nice surprise.

Unfortunately, there were a couple not so great moments on the bike. It all started when I hit a bump and lost a water bottle, luckily I heard it go 'thump' so I could stop and retrieve it. Then I noticed my new bottle straw was sitting at about my jugular when I was in the aero position...not very comforting so I had to stop and switch that up, AND my HR monitor didn't kick in. Oh well, all minor details that were dealt with promptly. Lastly, it would appear that two of my little prairie dog buddies (as I'm sure I know them all out there!!) seemed to have met with their sudden demise. Heavy sigh. And for the record, no, I had nothing to do with it. I'd bail before squishing one! They are way too cute and I love the way they run across the road in front of me while squeaking! I think we should all take a moment now and bow our heads in their honor.....They will be missed. Heavier sigh.

As for the last bit of my ride - I managed to get a bit faster, and had a pretty good climb up to the house. It was when I go home that I noticed that I am human flypaper. I have wee black bugs stuck to my arms and legs...I'm afraid to look at my face, or worse yet, between my teeth. (I tend to smile a lot when I bike!)

So icky.

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