Wednesday, 18 July 2007

You Know You Are A Triathlete When....

You look at your schedule and see you have a 2000 m swim and a hour hilly run and's a really light training day today. Cool. LOL.

The swim this morning went well. A long warm up then 10 x 100 m sprints, then cool down. I continue to focus on technique and swimming strong. I was really happy with my swim - it just keeps getting better. Yay!

It wasn't hard to find hills to run up and down around here considering I live at the top of a hill! I ran up and down four different hills - one of them I affectionately call 'the Beast'. It is what Cochrane Hill is to bikers. Yikes!

I was trying to watch my heart rate up the hills, but I assume my HR monitor's battery is dying down, either that or I need to see a doctor. My heart rate going up a mega steep hill read 73 bpm....very interesting considering my resting heart rate is 66! Hmm, I certainly didn't feel like I was resting, considering I was gasping for air. haha.

I felt strong on all the hills, which is great. Just call me quadzilla!

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  1. Sounds like you are busy but it's all good!!! Posting my Peach Classic Adventure right away ....don;t get oo excited I learned ALOT!!!