Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Baby's Got Back....

Headed to the pool before work this morning....just as I was to enter the building I looked down and noticed something. I had my 'house' flip flops on. This was not good. You see, I love flip flops...I have my ultra cool black flip flops - for work and what not; and I have my house flip flops that happen to be cotton candy pink, orange and yellow. Not for public display I might add. Hmmm...was this an indicator it was going to be 'one of those days'?!

Todays swim plan - 600 m warm up, 5 x 500 m sets, and 200 m cool down. (I was also supposed to do 6 x 75 m sets, but somehow forgot to write that on my card. Perhaps my subconscious saying NO MORE! haha).

The first few laps were good, but my goggles were leaking and driving me nuts. Got them all fixed up (tightened them to the point that I had goggle imprints around my eyes for 2 hrs after swimming - can you say dweebe!) The first few sets were great, had good strength and really watched my technique.

As I was swimming I noticed the fellow beside me was doing drills. He was doing the one where you lie on your side with lead arm and kick. The thing was his feet were practically dragging on the bottom of the pool! I had to giggle. Now before you say 'well that's nice Suse - laughing at the poor guy' let me just say I used to be a foot dragger. To the point where after swimming I'd have to redo my toenail polish!

I never did understand why I was a foot dragger. Afterall, as far as I understood it, women typically were more buoyant than men because we naturally have more body fat. (It's called boobies and bootie people!) Now if this theory is true, then I should have been floating across the top of the water. Why? Because this baby's got back! (AKA 'junk in trunk') But alas, I was a foot dragger. Thankfully I have since broken that habit and have figured out how to kick in order to keep bootie aloft.

Of course karma got me for giggling...I just pushed off the wall on a lap and was on my side to take a breathe when BLAMMO! Mr. Foot Dragger was like RIGHT there! I'm talking like a few inches from my face, facing me as he was doing his little side kick foot drag act. Darn near made me jump out of my skin! haha. I was really good though and did not burst out laughing under water.

Okay, now back to the by the fourth set I was starting to get tired. I think a lot of us are hitting our peak of fatigue now. I was going strong for several sets and then, all of a sudden, I was just slow and there was nothing I could do about it. I kept pushing hard, but my body decided how fast and strong I was going to be. Which was not very fast. Or strong.

The fifth set was all about just getting it done. I still tried hard, but there was not much there. At least I was distracted....I had to pee SOOOO badly. I kept saying to myself 'do not think about water, do not think about water....' heh heh. Uh ya - THAT worked!! (Don't worry though, I managed to hold it till I got OUT of the pool! LOL)

I got a bit of an energy boost for my last 200 m. I decided to kick that distance and as I was kicking my ears tuned into the music from the aquabatics class. Suddenly my brain was filled with Buster Pointdextors 'Hot, Hot, Hot'. 'Party people - all around me feeling hot, hot, hot'. Yep, that put a little jiggy in my kick. haha.

Help me....that song has been in my head all day... Ole ole, ole, ole....

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