Sunday, 19 August 2007

Oh To Be THAT Fast....

So I waited and waited...but the weather was not looking up and I wanted to get my bike workout on the trainer I went.

I cranked the tunes on the MP3 player and pedaled my wee heart out. I was having so much fun during my known fav song 'Baby Got Back' that I damn near tipped the trainer over. Mental note: Do NOT shake bootie and pedal hard at the same time! Well at least that added a little excitement to the workout, haha.

I was quite pleased with my cadence and speed - I maintained a cadence between 95 and 100 rpm and my average speed was 36 km/h. Oh only if I could do that on the roads!!! I cranked out 30 km in about 50 minutes. I don't think I've actually done that before on the trainer so I was pretty happy. Oh, and yes, I did have the resistance on!!

I will have to remember how that feels so I can become a speed demon on the roads next year!!

The organization for IMC has begun. I have my list made of what I need on race day, and nutrition. Next up will be my process goals, which I already know but have to get down on paper!

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