Thursday, 23 August 2007

Welcome To Penticton...

Well folks, I'm here!!! The mecca of Canadian triathlon - Penticton!! HOOOYAAH!

Yesterday was a day spent going over my list of things to pack, packing, going over list again, then again. And that was just for my triathlon gear!!! (A mere two pages I might add...) Then I had to figure out what I was going to wear every other day, after all, I gotta look good, haha!

I picked Mum up at the airport last night as she was my co-pilot in the car today. (Dad was driving up from home and meeting us in Penticton.) We were very lucky in that we didn't have many long waits for construction traffic. We even made it through Kelowna in 15 minutes - I'm sure that's totally unheard of.

There was one wee moment where both of us were, well screaming...but not super loudly. haha. I was in a passing lane going by a rather large semi (are there any others??), on a corner, doing oh, I dunno, about 140 km/h...when another semi came by us doing a pretty good speed. I have to say it was a little intimidating being in between the two trucks as we screamed on by (we all had our own lanes of course). Mum was holding my teddy bear, Spencer, and she had squeezed him so hard it was amazing he didn't sh*t his stuffing! BAH HAHAHAHAHA! We had a huge laugh over that one. Don't worry though, Spencer is over the trauma of it all now.

Once in Penticton we had a wee gathering where John and Joanne are staying. They were gracious enough to host a potluck for all of us crazy Cochrane triathletes...there are 15 of us here for the race plus all our families! Lots of pictures were taken, hugs given, and good luck wished to all the IMC veterans and newbies. It was great.

Ooooh, I also have to tell you - I was totally spoiled today! My friend Chester (her nickname, haha) bought me a gorgeous Ironman pullover, and yup - it's got purple in it!!! I also got an awesome IMC sticker from Michaela and Teresa - I love the Haida art they have on the stuff here! I will admit it...I got a bit weepy when I ready the cards given with the gifts. I have a feeling that might happen a few more times before the much for being tough! haha.

Later on it was time to take in the kids 1km run. Teresa's daughter, Michaela, was in it and rocked the course. She chose not to take my advice and knock over the kids in front of her so she could get by though! Go figure. haha. It was great to see all the kids giving it their all....if only I had that much energy! The smallest ones were likely 2 years old. Exceptionally cute! Would be neat to know how many of them end up doing Ironman when they are older.

I did manage to scope out a bit of the Ironman goodie tent at the athletes village. I want to take more time to pick and choose what I want so I'll go back there tomorrow.

I'm starting to fade now...the drive and the excitement of the day is catching up with me. Tomorrow is registration, shopping at the IM tent, swimming and the pre race's all starting to feel very real now... Yipes!

I LOVE BEING HERE!!!!! Hmm...I think I feel a Snoopy Happy Dance coming on....

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