Thursday, 2 August 2007

Batgirl's Utility Belt...

It was long run day today...I decided to split up my run after a little birdie (Thanks Greg!) recommended doing it that way. I got the ok from Coach to do it, but she wanted me to split it 45 min/2:15 hr. So I did. In all honesty I've just been so darned fatigued lately that I really couldn't picture me running 3 hours...especially without my buddy Leslie, who was on her way to a Penticton training camp.

So this morning I got up and went for a run just as the sun was peaking over the hill. It was truly beautiful out this morning. So peaceful. I ran along the pathway that follows the river and winds through the homes and woods. The only sounds were my breath, my footsteps, the birds chirping, and the water from the river and creek. Oh, and the odd diesel dually that went by somewhere in the distance....this is, after all, Cowboy country, haha. I loved every minute of it. To me this is what running is all about; it's almost meditational when its like this. As I ran I tried to savour every moment of it, seeing the sun come up, the mist rise off the creek, and the little flowers along the pathway. Lately I've been so focused on training, technique, and putting the time in that I think I forgot why I like running - m0ments like these where I feel free.

This afternoons run was a little less peaceful, but still enjoyable. It was the longer run so I put on my 'Batgirl Utility Belt'. In other words, my fuel belt containing my mp3 player, gel, house key and water. I actually hate wearing it, it feels constrictive, but I know it's a necessity for the long run. When I headed out it was 29C, so I was sure I'd be pining for water in no time.

Again, I stuck to the pathways for the most part. I made my way around my neighborhood, then crossed the river and meandered around that neighborhood. I made a quick stop at my friend Kristi's to say hi and borrow her hose. Her kids thought it was hilarious as I put my head under the hose and were wondering what the heck I was doing. The dog was looking at me funny too. It helped cool me down though - Thanks Kristi!!

I think I pretty much covered most neighborhoods in town for this run. Made a second stop near the end at my friend Paddy's to grab some more water. (Thanks Paddy!) I was sweating so much it looked like I'd just come out of the river so I wanted to top up to make sure I had enough for the way home.

I was happy with how strong my legs felt for this run. Shocked really. As I've mentioned (a million times already I'm sure) I've been pretty fatigued the last while. So to still have something in the legs after 2 hrs was really friggin awesome. It's possible some of it was due to the new tunes I put in my mp3 player. After yesterdays blog I HAD to add Sir Mix-A-Lots 'Baby Got Back'. I LOVE that song and was practically dancing on the path when it came on. Thankfully there was no one around to catch me!

As I rounded the corner off the pathway, almost home, I looked ahead and thought, ohhh shite... (okay I said a stronger word than that...heh heh). Somehow in my peace, love and granola run I'd forgotten I lived at the top of a hill. I'd climbed a few hills today already, including 'the Beast' this morning (who says Alberta is flat?!) and was a little skeptical about finishing off my run with this one. It had to be done though, afterall I was hungry and there was food at the top of that hill! (Food always works as a motivator for me!)

I stopped briefly at the bottom of the hill. This climb was going to take some serious tunage...I flipped through my tune selection and put on Nine Inch Nails 'Mr Self Destruct'. Ya, baby - let's KILL THAT HILL!! And off I went! I looked up defiantly at the hill, kept a steady pace and watched my footstrike. Slowly I made my way up....and up....and up.... Six minutes later I was there - the top. (It's a loooong hill.) I could walk the rest of the way as a cool down, I was done my run. hem...I mean HOOYAH!! haha. Total run time for the day 3:02 hours.

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