Sunday, 26 August 2007

It's Showtime!

It's 4:30 am. I'm up, got my gear ready to go and am sipping on my wonderful Infinit that will get me through this day. Listening to a little Eminem and LL Cool J to get me pumped. I had a good sleep last night, so am feeling great.

Weather should be really good for us, a high of 23C with a sprinkling of rain.

Time to get down to body marking.....


  1. Hey Susi.
    It's 11:20 in Calgary and 15 hours 20 minutes into your race. I've been watching the live coverage for about 2 hours now and watching your progress for a little longer than that. I'm hoping to see you cross the line some time shortly after midnight (Alberta time). I wish I had been around the office before you left so that I could have passed on my wishes but I'm there with you in spirit. I also wish a had 0.1% of the drive that you do. Congratulations Susi! You're excellent - I'm lucky to have known you if only for a short while and only as a colleague.


  2. Hi Susi!! Just wanted you to know that I have kept my whole family eagerly awaiting your next update and watched the live coverage periodically thoughout the day in the hopes of seeing you all day today. I cannot wait until you finish and want you to know that Ken and I love you like Mayhew daughter #1 and regardless of how you finish you will ALWAYS be Mayhew daughter#1!!! Congratulations in advance sweetie and we love you!!!

    your blonde partner in crime,
    p.s. please understand how hard it was for me to relinquish my title as daughter numero uno..... LOVE YOU!!!!!