Saturday, 18 August 2007

Crawl You Say??

So before I went out on my run today I decided I should probably read through the novel that is the 'Athlete Information Guide' for IMC. Most of it was pretty straightforward...what you need to do when you arrive in Penticton (oooh, feeling the butterflies in my tummy now...), schedule of events, where to register, etc etc.

Next they go into the individual events. Swim - no you can't wear fins, or floatation devices. Damn, there goes my idea of wearing water wings! Bike - no tandem bikes allowed. Oh come on - I thought I could take my mum for a wee tour of the course that way! Run - no form of locomotion other than running, walking or crawling is allowed. CRAWLING?! Well now, no one told me I would be allowed to crawl in this event. Now I have to remember to pack some knee pads in my special needs bag! I might also note that this is the number one point under the run rules!! haha. Crawling. Sweet. Do NOT think of Julie Moss..Do NOT think of Julie Moss. LOL.

Ah well, anything can happen the day of the race I guess. I, personally, plan on sticking to the running or walking part thank you very much. But thank you for allowing me that third option. Urgh.

Run today was good, only an hour. For the most part I had a little bounce in my step. I took a bit of an extended break part way through when I saw a friend of mine just finishing up her run. We chatted about IMC and how I felt. It was great to be able to say I felt ready for the race and was fairly calm about it. (Thoughts of crawling aside...)

The last bit of the run I was a little tired, but still managed to climb the beast with a pretty good pace. Now it's time to stretch....I'd hate to have reversed all the wonderful massage effects from yesterday!!

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