Sunday, 12 August 2007

POP! Sssssssss.....

It was pretty chilly out this morning when Leslie and I went for a ride. I think the t.v. said it was about 7 C - Yikes! IMC definately means something to me because normally there would be no way you'd get me on a bike outside in that weather. Well, maybe a Harley if I had a bunch of clothes on, but a tri bike...Brrrrrr... Oh well, it wasn't raining so I really had no excuse.

We didn't get very far when I heard the dreaded POP! Ssssssss sound. Urgh. I thought I'd missed that rather jagged rock. We stopped to check out my tire and sure enough there was a nice cut in the side. Luckily I had a patch to use, a lesson learned from the last time I put a hole in my tire and had to call Leslie for a pick up. Just as I finished repairing the tire Angie and David rolled up. We had a breif chat about how friggin cold it was and why exactly were we out there?? then we all headed out.

By the time Leslie and I made it to Bragg we had both lost feeling in our feet, and Les had lost the feeling in her hands. We were planning on doing 80km but made the decision to just do 60 - it was too damn cold!

We stopped at the Shell and shot a large hot chocolate to warm up - go figure - hot chocolate in August!! Was it not just two weeks ago that we'd leave at 6am with shorts and sleeveless tops and be pouring sweat by 7?? I said to Les we should get those toe warmers like I use in skiing. The big question now was would they have them mid August?? As luck would have it, way up on a shelf they had some! Les was skeptical at first, but I assured her these were going to save our ride home.

Aaaaah, sweet relief as the heat made its way up through my toes. Okay, now I think I can make it home without losing a toe or two to frostbite!!

The ride home was awesome because it's really quick - we managed to hold 36 km/h for the first bit...yes, it's a slight downgrade! Hmmm...think we wanted to get home quickly?! The sun started to peak out towards the end which really helped too.

Once home we did a quick 20 minute brick run. I almost tripped when Leslie said 'Just think, at this time two weeks from today we'll be on the bike course at IMC!' Gulp!

IMC here we come!

PS Jenna - I hope your race went well today - I was thinking about ya - especially when my tire popped! LOL.

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  1. Hey - I got another friend reading your blog and we both agree you are very cool!! Question, when you talk about patching - did you patch the tire and the tube...i know a silly question just don't know....