Saturday, 25 August 2007

Hmmm...What To Do...What To Do....

I'm torn...pulled in two directions...what do I do? I just found out that there is a marathon 'Best of Family Jewels' on tomorrow ALL DAY! How can I miss hour after of hour of Gene Simmons?! IMC vs. Gene Simmons....Alright, I'll do IMC! Sheesh. Best not let all this training go to waste hey?

Today was a much better day than yesterday. Less chaos! I met up with Janice and Leslie for a swim and bike. The funny thing was Les and I forgot our swim caps, goggles, and ear plugs! Okay, I'll take that as a sign not to swim. I had a good swim yesterday anyways. So off we went for a very short 20 minute ride.

And guess who we saw?! Lisa Bentley and Heather Fuhr!!!!! EEEEEEEEEE!!! Irongoddesses they are! Just being near them has to be good luck!

Once we were done our workouts we made our way to the gear and bike check-in. I gotta tell ya, that can be so stressful. You keep going through your head everything you put in your bags - did I remember my sneakers? hat? Should I wear arm warmers tomorrow or jacket? I've got all the clothes I need right? Once I left there though, I just let it all go. I finally felt relaxed and calm. I have checked and rechecked everything and I can do no more.

What better way to celebrate having gotten everything checked in first thing....but to go shopping! I finally went to buy some stuff from the IM merchandise tent. Yes, everything is a little overpriced, but hey, this is my first Ironman and I want some goodies!!

You'll be proud though, I did show some restraint, I only bought one bike jersey, a bag and two hats (one each for Mum and Dad). In all honesty though, the only reason I showed restraint was because I intend on buying EVERYTHING that says 'Ironman Finisher'!! haha. This will be available on Monday and come hell or high water, crawling or walking, I will be there at 7am when the doors open to buy, buy, buy. haha.

I met and hung out with the Mr. Mike B for a little while. He scored me some free IM socks - very cool and soo kind!

I got back to the hotel at lunchtime and chowed down. This would be my last big meal. After that it's all about grazing till about 5pm. Then liquids only.

Shortly after eating it was naptime. As I, for some unknown reason, have been waking up at 4 am the past few mornings I fell asleep easily. In fact both dad and I were happily snoring on the coach/futon for a good hour. Like father, like daughter! haha. I have no idea how Mum ignored all the racket!

I feel really good now. Have all my nutrition made up for the day, clothes are ready, last minute lists completed, and I've done all my stretching. Now it's time to chill out until bedtime, which will be quite early. This time I HAVE to get up at 4am! I want to be at the body marking area by 5am, then I can put last minute stuff in my gear bags and get on the old wetsuit.

Hopefully someone will take a picture of the transition area - it's massive. There are approximately 2700 competitors here and we all have one bag for the swim-bike transition and one bag for the bike-run transition. Then there are our bikes. It can be a little overwhelming running out of the water and trying to find your stuff, but the volunteers are always amazing and I'll do a 'dry run' tomorrow before the swim so I know where to go etc.

Before I sign off here I want to thank everyone for all their good wishes. I will be forever grateful and I feel truly blessed that I am lucky enough to have so many care about me. I'm sure it's hard for some to understand why the heck I wanted to go on this journey and I don't think I can ever explain it other than saying this is my lifestyle and I love it. But you supported me anyways and I thank you for that.

Tomorrow will be quite the physical, mental and emotional challenge. I'm ready for it though, and I promise to do my best!!!

For all my friends out there racing; Leslie, Tigger, David, Janice, Angie, Mr. Mike B., Greg, Cynthia, Chris, Mike B #2, Jeff, John, Michelle, Martin, Jamie, Serge, Linda, Kevin, and Sandra, I wish you the absolute best the day may bring. I hope that everyone achieves their goals!

Leslie, thank you for 'forcing' me to sign up last year. It's been a totally amazing trip and I am so thankful I could share it with you. Love you lots - go kick some ass!!!


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