Tuesday, 21 August 2007

The Journey to Ironman....

At the beginning of my training for Ironman Canada I heard someone say that Ironman isn’t a destination, but a journey. I liked the sound of that so I made a conscious effort to savour every moment up to the big day. Starting the blog up after the first race of the season enabled me to capture and share some of those moments.

Now the big day is almost here. Many have asked if I’m excited about the race. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited, but at the same time I am not in a hurry for it. I want to take the time before the race too look back at the last 8 months of training and celebrate all that I have accomplished because for me, it has been a life changing process…

I don't know how I transformed into the person I am at this moment, but somewhere over the last 8 months the girl who had confidence issues and battled anxiety for most of her life found an inner peace. I am so thankful for where I am today – and I’m totally blown away that it was this process of training for an Ironman that seems to have gotten me to such an amazing place in life. I am mentally, physically and emotionally the strongest that I have ever been in my life. That is a gift that is worth more than anything I can accomplish at IMC. No matter what happens on race day, and lots can, nothing will take away what I’ve done to get to this point.

On August 26, 2007, I will participate in the 25th Anniversary of Ironman Canada. As I swim, bike and run 140.6 miles I will think of all the amazing people that I’m blessed to have in my life, I will think of all the funny moments that have happened, and I will think of all that I have accomplished. In other words, I will celebrate the journey that is Ironman.

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  1. Well said!! I am sure your journey has changed you in many ways but do not forget about how your enthusiasm has pulled others in and made others believe in themselves as well. It appears your journey gets other peoples journeys rolling - especially when you put yourself out there to share. YOU WILL SHINE on the race day no matter what happens out there - you are already a champion for the heart you have put inot all of this and the rewards you have gained for yourself!!!

    YOU ROCK!!!