Friday, 24 August 2007

It's Official....

It's official...I'm registered and have the nifty wristband to prove it! haha.

Today was a rather busy day - not quite what I had hoped for, but that's sometimes how things go. The day started with registration. It wasn't that bad, only took about a half hour thankfully. Something strange happened though. I was feeling great while getting my number, signing my waivers, getting weighed, showing id, getting the wristband and the swag bag, but when I left the tent a wave of emotion came over me. My friend Joanne was standing outside and said 'how are you feeling?' and tears all of a sudden started rolling down my face. (I will state right now that it's totally embarassing for me to write that, but it's the truth.)

She told me not to worry that I was prepared and not to be scared. The funny thing was, I know all that. I know I'm prepared and I'm not scared. I've done all I can possibly do!! So what was with the tears? Unfortunately I have no answer for that. What I can say is obviously my mental training is going to have to kick in now, not just on race day.

There's a lot going on around here. Tons of triathletes, swim sessions to fit in, trying to remember all I have to do now that I've registered, etc etc. I'm starting to think that race day will be a relief! Afterall, it's taken me an hour to pack all my gear bags so I can hand them in tomorrow morning. Hopefully once that is done I will be able to relax.

After registration, Mum, Dad and I drove the bike course. I wanted them to see what their baby girl was going to face on Sunday, and I wanted to reacquaint myself with the course as it had been a year since I'd rode part of it and driven the rest. It felt really looooong in the car, haha. I had to remind myself that I've biked further than that and I could totally do this!

After dinner I headed to the race meeting. Do you know there are people here that have raced Ironman at least 20 times! 20 friggin times!!!! Well hell, if they could do it, so could yours truly!

I got to hang out with Mr. Mike B. after the meeting, thankfully. He's a very calm person and whenever I'm with him I seem to take on that calm feeling. Exactly what I needed! It was nice getting away from all the hubbub just walking and talking. I'm starting to get back that peaceful feeling that I've had the past few weeks. Thank you Mike!!

While we walked, I ran into my cyber tri buddy Jenna - it was so awesome meeting her! I'm glad she is going to be volunteering and hopefully she will sign up for next year. I know she can do it - she's just as crazy as I am! haha. I also ran into my friend Chris, my backcountry skiing saviour, which was great. I know he is going to kick some serious butt this year!

Time to hit the hay now....I have a very short swim/bike tomorrow super early, then I'll take my bike and gear to the check in. I'm also going to register for next years don't get into a tizzy over this. I will have two weeks after the race to decide if I do it again. I think of pre-registering for 2008 as a little insurance....

Only two more sleeps now....if I get any sleep that is. LOL.

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