Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Oh Sunny Day....

Yay, it was sunny and warm out by the time Leslie and I went for our ride!! We had a 'mere' 40 km ride so took 1A to Grand Valley Road and headed north.

Although Les and I have ridden this road a number of times, this time she let me on a little history. Apparantly our friend Tigger's husbands family farm is along that road, who knew?! AND about 10 years ago there was a grisly murder in Cochrane and the bodies were dumped along one of the side roads off Grand Valley. GULP! Okay, so much for my little piece of heaven! haha.

I would report that there were no incidents for once...but of course I can't. We did have a little HVEM mishap, although Les would state otherwise.

In her opinion, the draft zone is not there in order to remove mechanical advantage, but it so one can release some mucus and not get it on the rider behind them. Well then I guess I was a little too close in the zone cause she let a booger rip and I got the spray. EWWWWWWWWWW!!

In truth, I'm still laughing about it now. It's probably a good thing I don't get grossed out that easily. haha. Of course she STILL doesn't believe me when I say it sprayed on me. I swear though, this was not one droplet I'm talking about, these were several droplets....on my bare arm. Thankfully I felt nothing on my face, LOL!

Ah well, the rest of the ride was a good one...I made sure I was in lead just in case she wanted to go for my other arm.

After the ride we did a 10 minute tempo run, followed by a 10 minute easy run. I think Les put it well when she said even though we feel rested, our bodies are telling us otherwise whenever we try and get some speed going on our runs. We both noticed it Saturday and then again today. I was running hard, but at the same time felt I was going so slow. My heart on the other hand was stating otherwise as it practically was beating out of my chest!

Tapering is definitely a good thing!

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  1. Hey ... my friend Kelly claimed I sprayed her at the tri on the weekend. Truth be told, as I got more tired, I blew it all over myself a few times too ...forgetting to turn your head = bad.

    Sleep. Enjoy the taper. I am getting excited enuff for you that you don't have to bother ....You are gonna be an IRON(WO)MAN!! Do you have any idea how fabulous that is? My gosh.... I'm losing sleep over it!!! You are so gonna hear me screaming for you - give me a rough idea of your expected times and I'll try to show up and hoot and holler k? I'm so very good at that!!!