Friday, 17 August 2007


Okay, so I opted for a massage instead of a run today...the run was short anyways...AND a massage counts for training time! You'd think this would be a little perk; however, I might have been in less pain had I run!

My wonderful massage therapist, Erin, came over yesterday to help me work out some of the kinks, as it were, that I had been dealing with in my shoulders and calves. I think I should point out that Erin's massages are not the 'dimmed light, ocean sound soundtrack, vanilla scent filled room' variety that you may get at a spa. They are meant to work out all the knots I've accumulated since the last time I saw her - and boy did I accumulate a lot of knots!!

As soon as she started in on my shoulders I realized I should have seen her more often. Ow, ow, ow! I swear she's a muscle knot diviner. She just naturally glides her hands to the one spot that will bring an instant grimace to my face. 'Oh, here's a spot', she says. I just kind of grunt a 'yup'. Had she a mirror to see my face through the little hole in the massage table she'd see it completely contorted, haha.

There have been many times during the last 8 months that I've heard the expression, 'no pain, no gain'. This expression could most certainly be applied to this massage, haha. It's all good though, a much needed part of the training. At least it makes me more aware that I need to stretch more!!

As she left Erin wished me luck on the race. I thanked her for the help she's given me the last while, afterall she's part of the 'team' that has gotten me to IMC. Without her I'd likely be a crumpled mass by now, haha.

Better go stretch now...ow, ow, ow....

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