Wednesday, 8 August 2007

It's Raining...It's Pouring....

Well by the time I got home after work and got changed to go on the bike, it was pouring out. There also happened to be a tornado warning - what’s up with that?! So into the dungeon and on the wind trainer I went.

Oh joy, oh rapture, unforeseen! Ugh.

Trainer workouts…sigh…they are what they are I guess. Actually, I have to confess…my workout was for 30 km, and I spent 10 of it on the phone with Leslie, tee hee. Hey, I kept my cadence above 90 rpm!!! What can I say, I’m a good multi-tasker. I promise that after I hung up I cranked the resistance and got a good workout in.

After the trainer it was run time. Tonight’s run was a quick 45 minutes.

Now I may not venture outside in the pouring rain on the bike…but I LOVE running in the rain. This could be in part because I’m from the West Coast and have webbed feet! Haha. I just love the feeling of running in the rain – I even run with my palms up just so I can feel the raindrops. It's soooo peaceful.

It was beautiful out tonight - even with the pouring rain. Everything smelled so fresh and the raindrops dripping off my cap’s brim were gleaming from the few rays of sun that found their way through the clouds. I’m pretty sure being in the rain even put an extra bounce in my step. It was awesome!!

My reward for going out in the rain? At the end of my run I saw a beautiful rainbow that spanned the entire town. A great end to a great run.


  1. Hey!! I know what is in the pot at the end of YOUR rainbow - a successful IMC Race!! Yahoo!!! The run in the rain sounds fabulous!!

  2. are so funny - yes I can change a tire now:) the question is - can i do it under pressure .....remember this one is for fun - if I finish ( I mean WHEN) I just want to be smiling:) Enjoy your weekend - I will post a race report when i get back ....